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  • What is your investment plan on eToro?
    The portfolio has been built by carefully selecting companies that I understand and which show potential to grow with additional consideration of the impact each company has on the environment. I keep myself updated on a daily basis with news of each company and read each earnings release carefully. I am planning to keep these companies for years in my portfolio as long as I consider that they have a potential to grow. I am a long-term stock investor, and aim too generate 30%+ profit per year.
  • When is the best time to Copy Trade your Portfolio on eToro ?
    The best time to Copy Trade my portfolio is when my overall profit for the current month is negative as it will give more room for future growth and subsequently more profit. ​ But if you are ready to commit to Copy Trade my portfolio for at least a year, you can start the Copy Trade at any point in time, as the current situation will not affect the long term profit.
  • What is the minimum amount I can copy you with?
    $500 is the absolute minimum. Below $500, some trades will not be opened and your performance will not reflect mine. On the long term it will affect your performance. ​ Additionally, the copy amount that I would recommend is $1000 as an initial investment. Any amount above this number does not impact the copy and is at the discretion of the copier.
  • Should I tick the option box "Copy Open Trades" before copying?"
    The "Copy Open Trades" option will allow you to copy the companies the Popular Investor is investing in at the price as of your copy starts and also the new trades. If you decide not to tick the option, you will only copy the new trades that the Popular Investor opens. ​ If you want to copy me GSerdan, you must tick the option "Copy Open Trades" because I do not open and close trades frequently and it would take years for you to mirror my performances.
  • How long should I copy you?
    For beginners, sticking with an investment for more than few days might be a real challenge. It is highly likely that you will lose money by investing in a short period of time. ​ If you have decided to copy me GSerdan, I would suggest a minimum period copy of at least 1 year. It is a commitment, but it is the best way to see the benefits from your investment, any type of investment.
  • How should I proceed if I want to add funds to the copy ?
    There are different options If you want to add funds to the copy: 1.The first option is to add funds at least equal to the minimum recommended amount which is $1000 and tick Copy Open Trades. 2.If you cannot afford to add $1000 on a monthly basis, you can save whatever amount you can every month and add funds as soon as you reach $1000 and tick Copy Open trades. 3.Alternatively, you can also diversify your portfolio and copy other PI which requires a lower minimum recommended amount. If you really want to add funds to my portfolio, please don't add more than 5% of your initial amount and do NOT Copy Open Trades.
  • Why do I have between 10% - 15% of unallocated cash ?
    As mentioned in my bio, between 10% and 15% of the portfolio's capital is kept as cash to use whenever an opportunity arises especially during market correction/crash, that is why not all your cash is being used at the moment, it is part of the strategy.
  • What could be the different reasons of a sync issue between our two portfolios ?
    As mentioned previously, as a copier you must tick “Copy Open Trades”. If it has already been done, it is because the market is closed. You can look at the market opening hours at this address: If you still have some positions that are not opened and that you have copied me with the minimum recommended amount of $600, then I would suggest you to contact eToro.

If you have any additional question, feel free to contact me.

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